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These days, keeping everything in order is a little harder than it used to be. So, we've provided you with a helpful checklist of the necessary forms that we hope eases your mind just a bit.

Forms You'll Need

  • Completion Certificate from our online Drivers Ed course.
  • Your parent, guardian or foster parent must have his or her driver's license or state-issued identification card number.
  • Proof of legal presence (legal presence means that a person is either a U.S. citizen or is legally authorized to be in the United States)
  • Proof of Virginia residency.
  • Your Social Security Number (if you have been issued one).

All documents must be originals and will be subject to verification.

When you apply for a learner's permit, you will also complete the application process for your driver's license and pay the fees for both the permit and license.

For A Complete List of Alternative Identification Documents

For information on current requirements and acceptable documents, refer to "Acceptable Documents for Obtaining a Driver's License or Photo ID Card" (DMV 141).

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Forms You'll Need

Before you head out to apply for your license, make sure you're prepared. In this section, you'll find a list of the forms and documents you will probably need.

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