Texas Drivers License Renewal Process

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  • If you have a valid license, you may renew online, by mail, by phone, or in person.
  • If you have an expired license of LESS than 2 years, you may still usually renew with all of the methods listed above. If your license has been expired for longer than that, you'll need to start all over as a first-time applicant (bummer!).
  • Pay a higher deductible. Although you'll be responsible for more money in the event of a claim, your overall premium cost will be lower - and hopefully you'll never have an event in which your deductible will be necessary!
  • If you have a suspended license, you must first take the appropriate steps to reinstate it. These involve a period of no driving, along with fees to be paid.

Find Out When Your Date Is

The DPS will send you a renewal form in the mail indicating by which date you must renew your license. You'll typically receive these 6 weeks before that date, giving you plenty of time to decide how to renew and make an appointment, if necessary. Even if you somehow don't receive your notice, your license will still indicate the date by which you must renew, so it's your responsibility to take care of it.

License Renewal Types

There are different ways for renewing your license in Texas, and these will carry certain eligibility qualifications. The license renewal types are detailed further below:

  • Online Renewal - If you've completed your last renewal in person and you're Between 18 to 79, you can opt to renew your license online. You'll also need to be sure you don't have any outstanding tickets, your license hasn't been expired for more than two years, and your renewal notice says you're eligible for online renewal.
    You'll need your driver's license number and social security number, along with a valid credit card to pay for the renewal fee. Your license will arrive at your doorstep within 45-60 days, but don't worry - you'll be issued a temporary license in the meantime.
  • Renewal by Mail - check your renewal form to see if it invites you to renew by mail. If so, it will also give you explicit directions on how to do so.
    If you're out of state, you can complete an Out-of-State/Country application, along with the appropriate Renewal Form which can be downloaded from the DPS' website. Complete the information, submit your forms and fees, and your license will be mailed to wherever you are.
  • Renewal by Phone - The qualification process for phone renewal is the same as online renewal. You'll call (866)DL-RENEW, and follow the steps dictated to you.
  • Renewal in Person - In-person renewals are typically open to all drivers; and are required if your last renewal was online, by phone, or mail. Go to your nearest driver license office, where you'll have an eye exam, thumbprint and photo taken, and complete the renewal form. You'll have your shiny new license processed within 15-20 days.


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