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Texas Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed – PTDE Course

 Now There’s an Easier Way
Taking a driver education course is something you must do before being able to take the permit exam, but no one said that it has to be boring. You spend most of your week in classrooms at school, so we have designed this Texas parent-taught driver’s education course to be done online. All you need is a computer that has an Internet connection to access this course, so you can work on it from wherever is most comfortable and convenient for you.

 Steps Your Parents Must Follow
If your parents are interested in taking charge of your driver education experience, there are a few easy steps you must follow. First, your parent or legal guardian must request a Parent-Taught Driver’s Education (PDTE) packet (if they have questions about eligibility, have them visit our FAQ page). Once they have received the packet, you can buy your official PTDE course, and register. Once that’s done, you’re ready to begin!

 Requesting a PTDE Packet
To obtain the packet, all your parent has to do is simply submit a request-to-teach application to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Make sure they fully complete one application for each student (in case your brother or sister wants to fulfill their Texas driver’s education requirements as well). Mail the application as per the instructions on the form, along with a nonrefundable $20 fee (make checks or money orders out to the Texas DPS). Once the application and fee have been received, your packet will be mailed within 3 weeks.

 State Approval
The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has approved this Texas Driver’s Education course statewide because it fulfills all the requirements needed before taking your Texas learner’s permit exam.

 The Texas DPS Parent-Taught Driver’s Education Course Is:

  • Accessible online anytime
  • Backed by a 24/7 Customer Support team
  • Loaded with videos and animations
  • Fun and self-paced
  • DPS-approved

 One Low Price
We keep the price low for this Texas parent-taught driver’s education course because we want everyone to be able to take it, regardless of budget. The course price includes everything you need from start to finish – as long as you have an Internet-connected computer, you’re ready to go!

 Flexible for Parents and Teens
There are many reasons why Texas DPS Parent-Taught Driver’s Education is beneficial. It gives your parents the chance to proactively control how and what you are learning, and it creates a fun, interactive bonding experience for you to share together. You can be with your parent as you take the wheel for the first time and begin the journey toward getting your Texas driver’s permit.

 Fun in Every Unit
There are 12 units in this Texas DPS Parent-Taught Driver’s Education course that are filled with entertaining multimedia features. The graphics and animations allow you to have fun, so you’ll never get bored with too much reading.

 Multiple Final Exam Attempts
There is a final exam at the end of this Texas Parent-Taught Driver’s Education course, but every multiple-choice question on it is pulled right from the course material. Plus, we let you take it more than once, so you don’t have to stress out about it too much. We want you to be successful, and we know that you will be with this online course, so log on today to get started!



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