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Drivers Education
For Ages 14-17

Two Course Options:
TEA-Approved Online
Drivers Ed Course
DPS-Approved Parent-Taught Drivers Ed Course

Adult Drivers Education
For Ages 18 & Up

Texas TEA Approved
  • Required for TX Driver’s License
  • No Long Lines or Classrooms
  • Pass your DPS Written Exam Online
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  • It was a good learning experience, and I learned a ton of information that will help me become a better driver.

    Hagen B
    Texas Online Parent-taught
    Driver Education Course

  • Amazing and totally convenient! I even got my two best friends to sign up because of how simple it was.

    Catherine R
    Texas Online Parent-taught
    Driver Education Course

  • I believe that this has made me more educated in driving, and I would recommend this site!

    Maci H
    Texas Online Parent-taught
    Driver Education Course

Did You Know? Did You Know?

I Drive Safely is the leading provider of drivers education and traffic school courses in the U.S. We have helped over 5 million drivers stay safe on the roads.

With the purchase of a Drivers Ed course from I Drive Safely, you can upgrade to a 100-Question Practice Test for only $6.99.

Only 44 percent of teens said they would definitely speak up if someone were driving in a way that scared them.

Drivers Ed for Teens

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our online Driver Education
courses can be

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From Drivers Ed to the Drivers Seat!

It’s time to grab the wheel and get your Texas driver’s license the fast and fun way! I Drive Safely’s Texas Drivers Ed courses give you the freedom that you need to get your Texas Learner’s License without spending any extra time in a classroom. You’re a busy teen, and you’ve got things to do ... so don’t let your Texas Drivers Ed course slow you down! Take it online, and see what a difference technology can make.

Two Drivers Ed Choices for Today's Busy Teenagers (and Parents)

TEA-Approved Online Drivers Ed –– You’ll complete 32 hours of online Driver Education in the comfort of your own home. Throughout your course, a certified driving instructor can assist you with your education and review your assignments. At the end of each unit you’ll take a multiple choice quiz; there’s no final exam at the end!

You will also need to complete 7 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with a licensed driving school and 7 hours of in-car observation, along with an additional 30 hours of supervised driving practice, 10 of which must be done at night.

DPS-Approved Parent-Taught Drivers Education –– If you would like a more personalized approach, this is a great option. In Parent-Taught Drivers Ed, the class is led by your parent(s)/guardian(s). You will complete 32 hours of online instruction, and your in-car driving lessons (30 hours total, with 10 hours at night), all in the loving care of your parent or guardian.

Raising the Standards of Drivers Education

Our drivers education online courses have been at the top of the industry for over 15 years, and we’re still going strong. We give you state-of-the-art technology that helps you understand concepts faster, and remember the material longer. We also give you helpful resources that will get you to your driver’s license with minimal hassle, such as:

Our Driving Courses Allow for a Flexible Schedule and Pace

Our Texas Drivers Ed programs are the keys to successfully earning your Texas driver’s license. With classes and extracurricular activities, a flexible schedule is key to you getting your driver’s license fast. That’s what our online Texas Drivers Ed courses provide. You can log in to your course from any computer, anytime and only study as much as you wish per session.

  • 24/7 access to your course
  • Entirely self-paced lessons
  • Take breaks whenever you need them
  • Expert design for easy learning

We put a team of experts in a room to create the best course possible for you... and they came up with a multimedia Texas Drivers Ed course that’s as technologically advanced as it is entertaining! Through professional and easy-to-use teaching tools, your course will guide you fluidly from one topic to the next using:

  • Videos, animations, and graphics
  • Slideshows and interactive elements
  • Risk-Free & Guaranteed

You deserve the peace of mind knowing that your course is the absolute best quality, with the most convenience, for an affordable price. We promise that you won’t find anything better on the market. In fact, we even offer you a Money-Back Guarantee on your Texas Drivers Ed online course, so there is absolutely no risk involved when you sign up.

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