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We know how exciting it is to get your first driver's license - but we also know how overwhelming it is, too. It can be confusing just to know what you have to do and when. That's why we put together this step-by-step guide, to make it clear what the requirements are. From signing up for Driver's Ed to finally getting that license, this is all the information you'll need to get where you're going.

Oklahoma Requirements for Your Learner’s Permit & Driver’s License

Step 1-

Passing The First 5 Units of Our Parent-Taught Drivers Ed

When taking our online Oklahoma Drivers Ed course, teen drivers must pass Unit 5 before they can apply for a learners permit. After Unit 5 is when students actually start driving.

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Step 2-

Getting Your Learner's Permit

To begin Behind-The-Wheel Training you must have your learners permit. To apply for your permit simply go to the DPS nearest you and apply for your permit. You will be required to bring:

  • Proof of your current status as it relates to your education (i.e. enrollment in a secondary or vocational-technical school, proof that you have completed a GED, or proof of home schooling, on a form provided by the Department of Public Safety.)
  • Your Parent-Taught Driver's Education Affidavit (to show proof of enrollment in your course)
  • Proof of Identity and US Residency which may include:
    Certified birth certificate
    U.S. passport
    State of Oklahoma identification card issued by Department of Public Safety
    Citizenship naturalization documents
    Alien registration card
  • Possession of a learner's permit allows you to drive when:
    You are at least 151/2 years of age
    You have taken and passed a driver's education course
    You have passed the written driving test
    You have passed the vision exam
    You are accompanied by an adult who is 21 or older
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Step 3-

Graduating Our Oklahoma Parent-Taught Driver's Ed

Once you successfully complete our Driver's Education course, we will send you a Certificate of Completion. This certificate will need to be taken to the DPS when you apply for your driver's license.

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Step 4-

Getting Your Intermediate License

After having your learner's permit for at least 6 months and having had no traffic convictions, you qualify to get your driver's license. You will need to make an appointment at the nearest DPS office and take a driving skills exam. You will get your Intermediate License after successful completion of this test. With this license, you do not need an adult that is 21 years or older to accompany you when you drive, so long as it is between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. (There are exceptions to this rule if you are participating in school or community activities.) You may also drive 1 passenger, anyone from your family, or any person over the age of 21.

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Step 5-

Your Unrestricted License

If you are in possession of your Intermediate License for at least 6 months and are not found guilty of any traffic violations, you qualify to get your Unrestricted License. At this point, you may drive at any time you with without passenger restrictions.

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