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It’s Finally Time to Hit the Road!

The moment has arrived, and you’re ready to get your Oklahoma driver’s license and finally get behind the wheel! So give yourself the fast, easy, and fun way to complete your driver’s education course and feel the freedom of driving all on your own - with our online Oklahoma Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed!

  • Study whenever you want
  • No pressure or deadlines
  • Cool videos, fun animations and more
  • Work from any computer 24/7
  • Keep your free time open
  • Get your permit quickly and easily!

Why sit and read from a textbook when you don’t have to? If you’re at least 15 years old, you can start our course today and be on your way toward the independence you’ve been waiting for! Grab your permit with an Oklahoma Drivers Ed online course designed just for you and your busy lifestyle.


Our course is approved for teens 15 and up by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) to meet all of the same requirements as a 30-hour classroom course - except you don’t have to sit in a classroom! Plus, our 100%-online format allows you to study those hours at whatever speed you’re comfortable with. You’ll never feel rushed or overwhelmed.

Want some extra information before you begin your Driver’s Ed course? Check out our resource pages to get a head start on your permit!

  • Learn the Steps You Need to Take to go from Driver’s Ed to your driver’s permit
  • Print out the Forms You’ll Need when you take your exam at the DMV
  • Read through our FAQs in case there’s a question you might have along the way
Parents, You Set the Example

One of the best things about Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed in Oklahoma is that as a parent, YOU are the one who can ensure your teen gets the proper training they require before they drive on their own. Our course will teach your teen every essential tool they’ll use out on the roads, and as their instructor, you can rest assured that those tools will be put into practice safely and responsibly. Your teen will learn skills and topics such as:

  • Oklahoma traffic law and regulations
  • Night and highway driving
  • Safe merging and changing lanes
  • Road signs and traffic signals
  • Speed, alcohol, and substance abuse laws
Fast & Fun Format + Guaranteed to Pass!

Studying online means you can work whenever, however you want. Your course is only 8 units long, and you can break those up into chunks, working in multiple sessions until you’re through. Each chapter focuses on a single subject, making it much easier to concentrate and remember! Plus, you get to study through interactive technology such as:

  • Fun videos and audio clips
  • Engaging animations and graphics
  • Informative slideshows and more!

You’ll take a review quiz at the end of each chapter, which is completely multiple-choice. You only need to score an 80% on your final exam, and you can retake it as many times as you need... so you are 100% guaranteed to successfully complete your Oklahoma Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed online course!

24/7 Support & Money-Back Guarantee

Your online Oklahoma Driver’s Ed course is complete with the support you need when you need it, and a guarantee of quality that can’t be beat. Our Customer Support staff works around the clock to answer your emails and phone calls whenever you have a question about your course. Plus, we’re so confident that you’ll love learning through our technology that we’ve built in a Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee, so there’s zero risk involved when you sign up.

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  • It was short, easy and affordable, had plenty of information that I needed for my Driver's Test, and I aced it on my first try!

    Jennifer G
    Oklahoma Driver Education Course

  • I learned a lot, and also recommended it to a friend. It was very informative.

    Kara D
    Oklahoma Driver Education Course

Parents Benefit, Too!
Parents Help Page!
  • Parent-Teen Driving Contract
  • Tips on teaching teens to drive
  • Guide to go from permit to license

Added Benefits
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Pay later options

Did You Know?
  • We graduate more students than any other provider in the US
  • You can upgrade to a 100 Question Practice Test for just $6.99
  • On average, teens text message 200 times a day

Oklahoma Drivers Ed


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Take Oklahoma Drivers Ed Online for Drivers Permit

The Right Choice for Busy Teens & Parents

For a teen, taking a classroom driver’s education course means missing out on valuable homework time, extracurricular activities, and even time with friends and family. For a parent, it means extra time and money spent driving your teen to and from their driver’s education course. Both of these problems have one easy solution - taking our Parent-Taught Oklahoma Driver’s Ed online class!

An online course gives both teens and parents the flexibility to work around any type of schedule. Teens can study when it best fits their needs, and can accommodate their specific learning style in order to fully absorb the important skills they’re learning. Parents can guide and nurture their child through this process at a speed which works for the whole family, dedicating their time to make sure everyone is happy and healthy on the roads.

Anytime, Anywhere!

You can study for your permit whenever and wherever you’re able to, instead of being committed to one set classroom for a specific amount of time.

  • Log in from any computer
  • Take breaks whenever you need them
  • Automatic Memory Recall saves your work
  • Study from school, home, the library - anywhere!

You can study a bit from home before school, and then log in from the library during some free time in the day... and even complete a chapter or two from a friend’s house! You’ve got the power to work however is convenient for you.

Have Fun With It!

This is an exciting time in your life, so why not enjoy yourself while you study? We’ve made sure our course packs tons of entertainment into your educational experience, so you’re never bored, and you even learn faster than you normally would while reading from a textbook!

With our videos, animations, graphics, slideshows, and interactive teaching tools, you’ll be engaged through every chapter, and you’ll fly through your entire course before you even know it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Our Parent-Taught Oklahoma Driver’s Ed course is designed to be easy to do and simple to remember. But we know that taking tests can be stressful - especially when your driver’s permit is on the line! We want to give you every advantage and comfort possible, which is why your course comes with a FREE 50-Question Practice Test for you to take as many times as you wish before your DPS exam.

Our practice test uses questions taken directly from past DPS exams, so you have an accurate look at how to prepare when it’s time to take the real thing. Plus, you can refresh the questions as many times as you want for a brand new practice test every time!

Learn From the Best

Every teen deserves the chance to get an unparalleled education that can’t be found anywhere else. You should get the best that money can buy... without breaking the bank, either. I Drive Safely has led the online Driver’s Ed industry for over 15 years, teaching teens nationwide the driving skills they need to be safe, positive, and responsible their entire lives on the road.

Our goal is to save lives through stellar teaching tools, and we provide the latest in multimedia technology that has been proven to teach teens more efficiently. There’s nothing more important than keeping new drivers safe by educating them properly from the very start - and that’s what we promise to do.


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