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Are You Ready for Your Georgia Permit?

...then we've got the Georgia Driver's Ed course you're looking for! Start your Joshua's Law Driver's Education with I Drive Safely, and find out just how fast and easy earning your learner's permit can be.

  • NO classrooms, no textbooks, no instructors
  • Joshua's Law–compliant
  • Fun lessons to study on YOUR schedule
  • YOU get to set the pace
  • 100% GUARANTEED to pass!
  • Earn your permit from HOME

Studying online gives you full control over how you complete your driver's education requirements. It's perfect for any busy teen's schedule, since you can log in and out whenever you want to. Study from home, the library, a friend's house – wherever and whenever you want!

What is Joshua's Law & Why Do I Need It?

Joshua's Law refers to measures put in place by the Georgia DDS to ensure that all first–time teen drivers at least 15 years old have the proper training to earn a driver's license. Any driver's education course – classroom or online – has to be approved by the DDS as fully compliant with Joshua's Law.

I Drive Safely's online Georgia Driver's Ed is 100% approved as a 30–hour Joshua's Law Driver Education course for all teen drivers. So you can rest assured you'll meet every state requirement you need in order to earn your permit and hit the roads!

We'll Get You There

We've got lots of helpful information about your entire Georgia Driver's Ed process, from taking your course to earning your permit to taking your driving test at the DDS.

  • Take a look at our Steps You Need to Take to go from taking your course to getting your keys!
  • Our Forms You'll Need page will give you the heads up as to what the DDS requires from you.
  • Still have some questions? Get the answers on our FAQs!
Designed for Teens Like You

Most Georgia driver's education courses require you to spend additional hours in a classroom after school, or even on your weekend. Not so with our online Joshua's Law Driver's Ed! You can study from any computer you want, and you can even take breaks whenever you need to. That way, you get to enjoy your free time the way you want to (and yes, still have time for homework!).

  • Access your course 24/7
  • Work in multiple sessions
  • Learn through videos, animations, and graphics
  • Study without deadlines
  • Leave room for friends, family, and fun!

Plus, when you get to your final exam, you get unlimited retakes... so you're guaranteed to pass the course!

Parents – Save Money on Your Insurance!

Hey, parents... did you know that our course not only helps your teen learn more efficiently, but it also qualifies you for a ton of savings? When your child signs up for the Georgia Joshua's Law Driver's Ed course, your insurance company may deem you eligible for a discount on your premium!

You can also earn a $150 tax credit when your son or daughter successfully completes the course. Just keep the Certificate of Completion handy for tax time! Learn more about your added benefits here.

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Testimonial Testimonial *
  • It was really interesting and fun overall. Reading information mixed with videos and animations made it enjoyable.

    Andrew B
    Driver Education Course

  • This is a very good course, I learned a lot about driving and road conditions. I would recommend this course to anyone.

    kalib l
    Driver Education Course

Parents Benefit, Too!
Parents Help Page!
  • Parent-Teen Driving Contract
  • Tips on teaching teens to drive
  • Guide to go from permit to license

Added Benefits
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Pay later options

Did You Know?
  • We graduate more students than any other provider in the US
  • You can upgrade to a 100 Question Practice Test for just $6.99
  • On average, teens text message 200 times a day

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Joshua's Law Online Course

The Stress-Free Road to Your License

We know that trying to learn the rules of the Georgia roads on top of finishing homework and attending regular classes can be incredibly overwhelming. That's precisely why we put together a simple, at–home Georgia driver's education program that gives you control over how you study it.

When you learn your Joshua's Law material online, you can dictate every aspect of your Driver's Ed experience. You pick when to study, where to study it, and how long you wish to work each time. Whether you only have a few minutes to spare, or you're able to dedicate an entire day to your course, the choice lies entirely with you. You don't need to worry or stress – simply take your time.

Learn Effectively

Sitting in a classroom poring over textbooks is not conducive to everyone's different learning style. Plus, you simply don't retain information when you're not engaged with your course! By choosing to study online, you're gaining the benefits of multimedia and technology all rolled into one easy platform that you can study anywhere.

  • Learn through instructional videos and audio clips
  • Watch animations and study 3D graphics
  • Log in from any computer for easy access
  • Take multiple–choice quizzes for easier review
Details You Should Know

This course meets the Joshua's Law-mandated 30 hours to satisfy your Joshua's law course requirements. You can work through those hours as quickly or slowly as you please, just as long as you're relaxed and having fun!

There are 8 units, each of which ends with a quick multiple-choice quiz for you to review. And when you get to your final exam, you can retake it as many times as you need to get all of the questions right. which means you are guaranteed to pass!

Dedicated to Your Success

We are absolutely committed to your safety and your satisfaction, which is why we don't just leave you on your own once you sign up for your Georgia Joshua's law online class. We're here every step of the way, and our Customer Support team is available to you 24 hours a day if you need any help. We can answer questions about your course, the Georgia Joshua's Law requirements, or anything else you might need. Give us a call any time, day or night.

Driver's Ed for All Budgets

No one should be excluded from access to quality just because of financial constraints. We want anyone and everyone to be able to learn from the best, without worrying about how much it's going to cost them. Our Driver's Ed online course price is always low and affordable, to ensure that we can serve as many students as possible.


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