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Completion of the permit exam is required to earn your learner's permit. However, you may order just the online course if you don't want to complete your permit exam online.

Online Permit Test

To qualify for the Online Permit Test, you must have completed your Drug and Alcohol course through I Drive Safely.


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Florida Driver's Ed... Made Easy!

Your driver's license is just around the corner, and we know that you want a fast and fun way to earn it so you can hit the roads! That's why our Florida Drug & Alcohol Course online was designed just for you and your needs as a busy teen. It's quick, easy, and fun to do, and is exactly the same as a classroom course... except there's no classroom! With this Florida Driver's Ed, YOU make all the rules. So if you've finally reached the age of 15 and you're ready to get started, sign up today!

Perfect for Any New Florida Driver

All drivers in Florida are required to complete a Drug and Alcohol Course before applying for their first-time driver's license. So if your 18th birthday has come and gone, you're not off the hook. The requirements for getting a Florida driver's license for ages 18 and up include completing a Florida Drug and Alcohol Course and passing a written driving exam. The good news is you can fulfill this requirement from home with our state-approved online course!

Our Florida Drug and Alcohol Course is also known by these other names:
  • Alcohol Drugs Accident Prevention Training (A.D.A.P.T.)
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course
  • Drug and Alcohol Class
  • First–Time Driver Course
  • Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE)
100% State–Approved

This course has been approved by the Florida DHSMV to meet all state driver's education/Drug & Alcohol Course requirements – so you can rest assured you're getting the very best education possible. Plus, we make sure that you have every resource you will need along the way toward your Florida learner's permit.

  • Our Steps You Need to Take page gives you the entire path from your Driver's Ed course to your driver's license.
  • Find out all of the Forms You'll Need to bring to the DHSMV – you can even download and print them right from home!
  • Still Got Questions? Let us get you the answers you need on our comprehensive FAQs page.
The Upsides of Online Driver's Ed

First of all, it's all online! You can study right from home, or any computer you choose. And you can study at your own comfortable pace – as fast or slow as you want!

  • No driving back and forth to class.
  • No taking notes to study from.
  • No books to lug around and read.
  • No appointments or long lines at the DHSMV for your written exam.
  • No pressure of taking the exam in a busy, noisy place.

Each chapter is lesson–specific, so it's easy to remember. And if you don't pass the quizzes or exam on the first try, you can just take 'em over and over again until you do!

When you sign up for the Drug and Alcohol Course + Permit Exam combo, you can even take the written permit test online, too! Plus, your course comes with our FREE 50–Question Permit Practice Test program when you sign up, so you'll be fully prepared to pass on your very first try.

How Does it Work?

Your Florida Drug & Alcohol Course meets the state–required 4 hours for a Driver's Education course... but since it's entirely online, you can work through it in as many little chunks as you wish! You'll be guided through single–subject chapters, helping you learn quickly and easily with one topic at a time. And forget about reading through textbooks: you've got dynamic multimedia features teaching you, including:

  • Fun videos and animations
  • 3D graphics and interactive learning tools
  • Audio, slideshows, state–specific visuals, and more!

You'll take a multiple–choice review quiz at the end of each chapter (don't worry – you can retake it until you pass), and once you're all through, you'll take an easy final exam that allows unlimited retakes. The best part is that with our Drug & Alcohol Course + Permit Exam combo, you can take the written permit test right from home, too!

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DMV Florida Drug and
Alcohol Course

Testimonial Testimonial *
  • It was a very good experience, and I believe it was very helpful. The course made it easy to get my permit at home.

    Hailie B
    Florida First-Time Driver Course (TLSAE / Drug and Alcohol Course) + DHSMV Permit Exam

  • Simple, direct, to-the-point information was very easy to understand. Convenient and useful.

    Florida First Time Driver Course (TLSAE / Drug and Alcohol Course)

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Complete your TLSAE course by watching a movie on your home TV.

  • Relax and Watch It On the Big Screen
  • No Lessons to Read and No Lectures
  • Easy and Hassle-Free

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Need Just the DVD
without the Permit Exam?

Completion of the permit exam is required to earn your learner's permit. However, you may order just the DVD course if you don't want to complete your permit exam online.

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Parents Help Page!
  • Parent-Teen Driving Contract
  • Tips on teaching teens to drive
  • Guide to go from permit to license

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  • We graduate more students than any other provider in the US
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DMV Florida Drug and Alcohol Course

Ready to Get Your Florida Learner's Permit?

Our 4-hour Florida Drug and Alcohol Test is the fastest, easiest way to meet the state's Driver Education requirements. There's no better way to get your Florida learner's permit!

Study When You Feel Like It

Because you have unlimited access, you can study your lessons in whatever length of time you have available. Do a little in the morning before school, then after school before you head to a friend's house. If you've got some more time, study another lesson before you go to sleep. Whenever you return to the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course, you'll start right where you left off.

Our exclusive memory-recall technology enables you to never have to go back and repeat any lessons you've already studied. There's no easier, faster and more convenient way to pass your Florida drug and alcohol test requirements and get your permit.

One Low Price

We offer this online Florida Drug and Alcohol Test at such a low price so that everyone can afford to do their requirements online. You can choose from a variety of payment methods online to find the one that is right for you.

Same-Day Processing

Our team processes your Certificate of Completion the same day you finish the Online Florida Permit Test , and we even send your information right to the DHSMV for you for free! This way, you can sign up for your permit right away.

Plus a FREE Practice Test!

To make sure you're thoroughly prepared for your permit exam, we include a free online Florida-specific DHSMV Permit Practice Test with your 4-Hour Drug and Alcohol Course . You'll get to prepare with the same questions you'll see on your actual permit exam. You can even refresh and retake the test as many times as you want to ensure that you'll earn your permit on your very first try.

Still Have Some Questions?

If you need any further assistance, our Customer Support experts are waiting to help you out. Courteous and professional, our staff is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Email or call us any time. Your calls will be answered within an average of 45 seconds, e-mails will be returned the next day, and IMs are nearly instantaneous.

Get Ready For Success!

So, if you're ready to get started on earning your Florida Permit, then get started with us. I Drive Safely has over 15+ years of experience and has graduated more than 5 million satisfied students. Plus, our award-winning Driver's Ed online courses have been deemed by the Florida Association for Educational Communications and Technology as an "Outstanding Practice in the Field of Instructional Design" (2007). Learn better, learn faster, and become a safe and responsible driver. Go with the leader - go with I Drive Safely!


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